Wednesday, October 26, 2005


wow! This is not my photo but this is the most amazing shot and really shows you how beautiful both Hong Kong and our theme park is.....It makes me never want to leave!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Look at the veins on this thing!


They call this the number eight melon because it grows in the shape of an 8.


Here we go to a chinese version of the "Listen to the Land" attraction. I captured this picture of the local children on a field trip. Very educational for the kids here. They plant seeds here that have been sent into space. It really changes the way things grow.


This was a great photo day! Still in the park!


Kit was my tour guide for the day and it was just a great day with great scenery, great food, great shopping, and a great friend! Thanks Kit! To all my US family wait until you see the shopping bargains I got. You'll have to wait for Christmas though!


Still in the park!


The park had many locations with expressions of the chinese culture! NEAT!


Happiness Tower


I have no idea what the significance of the umbrellas was, but it was neat!


Took a trip to China for some shopping, great food, and sight seeing. This was a great big park that we started our adventure at.

Friday, October 07, 2005


He keeps me company while I blog at night!

Hollow Halloween!!!

It'll be a hollow day for me on my favorite holiday!!! I will miss all those ghosts and goblins and especially my favorite bat. Mary and Richard it's okay to go have some fun without me. Richard try to pick something that doesn't melt off your face by the end of the night or is too hot.....Anyways here I am with my first attempt to decorate for a holiday here in HK!!! Wonder what it will be like here?

Surfin Mickey

I caught Mickey surfin on the whale just before dark.
This is the fountain at the front of the park.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Hollywood Hotel

This is just the greatest hotel!!!....I love this picture.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Good Times!

My peeps left today and so the journey changes for some and continues the same for others. Fly safe and arrive home Happy. I miss you already. Didn't know it would be this hard! See you on the flip side! Love ya

Lang Loy's and Bennett

I'm probably not spelling these cantonese words correctly but this is Bennett with all the pretty ladies!

Surrounded by Lang Ji's

Handsome guys from Hollywood and me!

Hollywood Hotel Gang!

Mandy, Kit, Bennett, Jones and I...Saying goodbye to Bennett.

3 Mousekateers!

Here we are taking a few last photos before Bennett heads home.

Lovely Lisa!

Lisa needed a picture to send to her boss to prove she was working in Hong Kong! Your earning your "C" Lisa! Miss ya!

Farewell Hanoi

Even though I didn't get to see Halong Bay it was a great trip!

Hoen Kiem Lake-Hanoi

This tree was growing sideways as if reaching for the water....


This was our turning around point! I like this picture!

Mountain Goats


Fish Food!

The women drag the river for algae to feed their fish farms! They row with their feet! WOW!!!

Life On The Water!

These little guys seemed happy!

Village on the Red River Delta

Surrounded by beautiful limestone mountains. No cars here, everyone owns a sampan or a cement boat!

Water Buffalo

Next stop was a trip up the Red River Delta on a cement boat...Yes, the whole boat was constructed of cement. I still cannot understand how it floated.

Guide Are Teachers Too!!

My guide gives me a lesson on balance. If you look at the background you'll notice these farmers are surrounded by beautiful landscaping. A little piece of heaven!

A Farmer at Heart!

One of the highlights of my vacation! This was really cool even though I wasn't very good at it they let me try.

Harvesting The Crops!

Modern machinery isn't used much here so have the utmost appreciation for tradional farming. These people are hard workers and seem happier than we do with our modern technology jobs.

Rice Fields

70% of the working population in Vietnam works in the rice fields.

Primate Rescue Center@Cuc Phuong

They have 16 0f 23 different native species of primates at this reserve. Most impressive. My primate pictures didn't turn out but I can tell you they were the most beautiful gibbons and langurs I have every seen and I know they have over 80 of them at the center.

Tortoise Reserve @ Cuc Phuong

They are doing great things at Cuc with saving their native endangered animals.

Hiking @ Sunrise

The next morning was a sunrise hike to the botanical gardens in the jungle. I met up with three other girls that trekked with me and the guides.

1000 Year Old Tree

Finally made it and this was at 3km of the hike..Thousand year old tree.

For You Bill

We caught this guy in the jungle and released him unharmed!

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