Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I feel like I spend half my day on these darn buses. I miss my Camry! Bennett, Jeff and I were on the way home. This was taken at Team Disney.  Posted by Picasa

Elaine, Winnie, Kit, and Mandy are going to be great with our guests. These kids are really growing on me. I will miss them all.  Posted by Picasa

Bennett is training this team how to include everyone in the photo as well. A signature Disney "Take 5" Posted by Picasa

Now we practice taking family photos so everyone can be in the photo. Posted by Picasa

They love the Ecolab All Purpose Cleaner here too.  Posted by Picasa

I am training the cast at the Hollywood Hotel how to have fun while cleaning. Here they are practicing their Mickey head window cleaning.  Posted by Picasa

Bill and I decided to get our picture taken with this wild cat! Doesn't she look gentle! Posted by Picasa

Here we go!  Posted by Picasa

Then on the the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo! Probably had more great animal encounters here than in any other zoo ever.  Posted by Picasa

And of course I had to test the drink a few times! Posted by Picasa

The Long Bar located at the Raffles resort is where the Singapore Sling got its start. Posted by Picasa

Courtyard of the original Raffles Hotel, also the location of the origin of the Singapore Sling.  Posted by Picasa

Singapore had a real Key West feel to it. Posted by Picasa

The boats had to be low to the water in order to clear the bridges.  Posted by Picasa

Singapore was a really "green" city with a lot of beautiful landscaping. I really like this tree hanging over the water. Posted by Picasa

Craig and John resting on the boat ride through the chanels of river in Singapore. Posted by Picasa

A symbol to Singapore! Posted by Picasa

Spent the weekend in Singapore...What a relaxing "western" minded city it is. About 4 million people Posted by Picasa

And maybe a few kegs too! It was really hot that day!  Posted by Picasa

Then we hit the Beer Fest and had a few beers! Posted by Picasa

And saw all of Manhatten in just one day. Posted by Picasa

Got dust blowing at us from the Pyramids of Eygpt.  Posted by Picasa

We went all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower!  Posted by Picasa

Our trip to Shenzen, China...We had to use our China visas up as they were about to expire. We hit the local theme park there. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 21, 2005

We had a storm at Gold Coast last night, wonder what Mother Nature brings when a Typhoon hits.  Posted by Picasa

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