Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mary was determined to catch a butterfly shot! How's that Bill? Posted by Hello

Again what a beautiful view you get from Lamma Posted by Hello

Mary in the Pagoda @ Lamma Posted by Hello

I took Mary to Lamma Island, it was a beautiful day. Posted by Hello

My first time eating pigeon, I even ate the pigeons brain! I have had any neck twitched yet! Posted by Hello

Housekeeping Outing before we split into two hotels next week.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Last one for now! We are returning to Beijing due to mechanical difficulties. Everyone was a little relaxed after we landed....Not so relaxed when the pilot said we were returning to Beijing 45 minutes into our flight. Jeff was ready to do his job as the "exit" row helper....Fortunately his services were not needed. Posted by Hello

A little bit of American humor on Lotus Lane....Lisa liked this one! Posted by Hello

Floating Restaurants on Lotus Lane Posted by Hello

The weeping willow on Lotus Lane...or restaurant row in the Hutongs Posted by Hello

Talk about close quarters....or living on top of your neighbor. Posted by Hello

Hutong rooftops from the Bell Tower...See the village surrounded by Beijing's Urban life. Posted by Hello

75 steps straight up. This is looking down however...You need brakes on your shoes to slow you down on the way down. Posted by Hello

Climbing the stairs to the Bell Tower! Posted by Hello

Bell Tower in the Hutong! Wait til you see the stairs we climbed to get to the top. Posted by Hello

Community news in the Hutong! Updated daily. Posted by Hello

Opium Road in the Hutongs. In the olden days you could always get Opium here. Posted by Hello

Linda our tour guide on the bridge! Posted by Hello

Town in the Hutongs...Famous chinese stars hang out here according to our tour guide Linda Posted by Hello

Mary took this picture from the back of our rickshaw. Lisa and Gary with the limo driver. Posted by Hello

These allyways in Hutong! Bicycles may pass through but a rickshaw would never make it. Posted by Hello

A Hutong kitchen! All family homes do not have bathrooms, there are community restrooms within the village.  Posted by Hello

Lisa and Gary(a friend of Lisa's dad) in the home of family living in the Hutongs. We were invited in for tea here.  Posted by Hello

This was a family courtyard within the Hutong. The myna birds say "Ni Hao" which means "how are you?" in Mandarin(primary language to the Chinese) Posted by Hello

The allyways support the city within the gates of Hutong.  Posted by Hello

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