Friday, April 29, 2005

Our team again! Hint-I am in the front this time.  Posted by Hello

Here is Joe on his way across the top of the kayaks.  Posted by Hello

Teambuilder on the lake. I decided to sit this one out. Weird game played here. Everyone lined their kayaks up and the remainder of the participants had to walk across the kayaks to get from one dock to the next. You will see many ended up in the water.  Posted by Hello

Here we are as the Champs with our medals!  Posted by Hello

Our teambuilder at the Recreational Facility. Can you find me? Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

We each place three incenses in the pot to ask for luck and prosperity for the land, the heavens, and for the people. Jeff and Lisa are taking their turn. Posted by Hello

Don, Bill, and Peter pouring wine into the ground as part of the ceremony. Posted by Hello

Celebrating with a Bai Sun Ceremony at the Hollywood Hotel! A chinese tradition meant to bring good luck and prosperity to a new establishment. Don Robinson, Bill Ernest, and Peter Lowe lighting the incense at the beginning of the ceremony Posted by Hello

Bennett was having a great time this day! He is such a New Yorker!  Posted by Hello

Our team with our winning medals! We look like Champs, yes? I was hot and sweaty here but having fun. Posted by Hello

My team took the Gold in team games! Receiving our medals from Peter our GM.  Posted by Hello

Our hotel song is "Hey Baby" by Abba! We will perform our song and dance during impromptu occasions and we really do have fun with it. Here is Kristin teaching the group the dance steps.  Posted by Hello

At Chong Hing! It was so peaceful out there. Posted by Hello

Arriving at Chong Hing Water Recreation Centre. Had it not been for the signs you could not believe we were still in Hong Kong. Very much like our state parks.  Posted by Hello

Yet another angle from the Peak! Posted by Hello

View from the Peak another angle. Posted by Hello

This is one view from the Peak! Very touristy at the top but you got to see it to believe it.  Posted by Hello

Here comes the tram to the Peak! This is without a doubt the steepest ride I have every taken on a tram.  Posted by Hello

Friday Night at Lan Kwai Fong! Getting a drink at one of the local establishments usually requires a lot of work. Good thing the drinks usually come as pints.  Posted by Hello

Friday, April 22, 2005

Lobby @ The Sheraton in HK. Posted by Hello

Me in the Sheraton during our tour for "familiarization" of the business. Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Okay this is a bad picture but me at my desk.  Posted by Hello

This is our command center type office at the Hollywood Hotel. All hotel ops task force are located here. That's me in the green shirt at my desk.  Posted by Hello

My Med Burger. That was a little strange tasting.  Posted by Hello

Our little task force during Bennett's birthday party. Jeffito ordered pigs knuckle and they served it to Bennett. Bennett thought it was his rack of lamb. When the rack of lamb was served to Jeff, we all cracked up. This is a little Mediterrian restaurant at our complex.  Posted by Hello

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